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Nicola Tele Steele – “The Adopted Ga!”


Hey, this is Nicola Steele and I was born and raised in East London to West Indian parents.

When considering a middle name for me, my Dad confided in a close Ghanaian friend who suggested ‘Tele’, meaning first born female in Ga. So it only seemed right that my first visit to the African continent should start with Ghana! In December 2010, I travelled with three friends and spent two weeks enjoying Accra’s offering of good food, beaches, night life, cultural enrichment and of course, the glorious sunshine, which was a stark contrast to the snowy London we’d departed from.

As an ‘adopted Ga’, I’m really looking forward to returning to Ghana, hopefully exploring outside the capital a bit more and already have some Cedis put aside for my next trip – can’t wait!

Nicola Tele Steele.