Some people may find it shocking that there is more than 10 GaDangme’s in the UK. You may also want to reminisce about the insults that regularly started with ‘oh Nye’, or just chill with some Good old GaDangme entertainment and inspiration. If you don’t know what we are talking about, take a look at the videos and podcasts below to learn about GaDangme people around the world, see our culture, learn the sounds of our language or just laugh at the darn right foolishness going on in the community!

Wu Maame TV! The GaDangme Comedian

Music by GaDangme Musicians or with plenty Ga, Krobo or Ada Words





Video’s about our culture

Jama, Kpanlogo:





 And don’t forget this is about you. so if you have a video you would like to showcase or want to send in a video about how proud you are to be Gadangme! Email us at …and we’ll get in Touch!

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