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Mo Hee, Awa Awa Atuu!


GaDangme Roots and Heritage Foundation and I Am GaDangme?

Some of you reading this may be asking yourselves, Who or what are they?  Some maybe able to guess just from our name. However I am sure most have you have guessed correctly, so clap for yourself! Yay!

So who are GaDangme Roots and Heritage Foundation and I Am GaDangme?

Well just in case you have not yet guessed we are the same group, I suppose I Am GaDangme could be seen as our Sabla (nickname).

The GaDangme Roots and Heritage Foundation was founded on the 24th of February 2012 by Naa Obiele Laryea and Chochoe Quaye.

Our aim is to bring GaDangme’s born in the Diaspora together, to preserve our Culture and Identity. Now we are not trying to win brownie points here, no not at all. However as we have grown into young women and travelled to and from Ghana. We have had the chance to explore not only the land, but also our rich and beautiful culture independently. Which has driven us to make others like ourselves more aware and proud of who they are.

GaDangme and Proud

Many of us have taken our culture for granted or not had the opportunity to embrace it as we should. Therefore we  have not had the opportunity to learn how to speak our languages, history or even how to cook our own foods. Not to mention our names and the naming system.  If we as the next generation have not embraced these things, what hope is there for our children?

Researching GaDangme’s

Have you ever tried to search in books or online for anything GaDangme? If you have answered yes! Then you will know that it is very hard to find information on our culture in fact practically impossible. For those of us who are lucky enough to have come across informative material, unfortunately it is either very hard to understand without input or explanation from our elders, or the webpage is no longer in existence!

We at GaDangme Roots and Heritage believe that as young people it is important for us to have our own space, our own environment in which we can grow and learn from one another. Our aim is to constantly try and bring to you constructive and informative material and literature. As we want to encourage you to discover who you are without feeling embarrassed for mispronouncing a word, to create an environment in which  no one will judge you for asking a questions that you may feel are ‘silly’ Somewhere where you can Learn, Laugh and be free.

So how do we do this?

Well the GDHRF hold Events, Cultural and Language Classes, Outings and produce short video’s on various aspects of our culture and histories.  By doing so we want to create as we mentioned earlier a space for us all to enjoy.

So GaDangme’s get ready to laugh about our GaDangme’ness (new word) and we promise, it won’t start with Ma Yi Bo eh or Mark it on the wall…!

Everyone has a right to be proud of whom they are…so say it out loud and say it Proud I AM GADANGME!

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