“In Granddad’s words Ga’s are superior! #ThatIsAll.”


My name is Chezella Kukueley Mac
(I love both names despite them being mispronounced by most people even family members still have trouble!)

I’m half Ga, and half Jamaican.
And I live in Souf London.

Growing up has been good, weird for some people that:
1. My Dad does have a Jamaican accent as Patois (Patwa)
2. My Mum DOESN’T have a Ghanaian accent (as she was raised in the UK from the age of 7yrs)

My Grandparents are my biggest influencers of our Ga culture (in Granddad’s words Ga’s are superior! #ThatIsAll. BB face, with hand across the eyes) in terms of traditions and history, but for some strange reason I was never taught how to speak Ga. Our (my sister and I) efforts seems to be learning rhyming cockney slang (I was brought up in Stepney Green, not far from where the Kray twins were). My mother speaks Ga, as do the rest of the family members and my sis and I just stand there like Emmanuel from Forty Towers.

I didn’t think anything of it then but NOW I find it the BIGGEST hindrance to a complete holistic learning of my Ga history and as an African who is learning about my Nubian history. I sometimes get my younger cousins to translate for me (if they are nearby)
But God willing, and by force I will learn!

Although I don’t speak Ga, I love all aspects of Ga traditions, naming ceremonies, engagements etc and the food. I stand as a very proud African (as I am of mixed heritage), so much so that my sis and I developed http://www.lovelynotebooks.co.uk
which shows our appreciation to African influences of rich colours and styles.


Lovely Notebooks
Lovely Notebooks is the new and exclusive luxury range of paper notebooks which have been designed and handcrafted

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